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Leading animation company in Mumbai 

Ideas as bright as Sun and infinite as Sky


Leading animation company in Mumbai – SUN AND SKY STUDIO  is a multifaceted 3D animation company, which has pioneered the art and technology of computer animation and has been successful in delivering international quality output throughout India. Here, men and machine works together offering competence in high quality animations.
We take you on the wings of imagination to a desired object of achievement. The horizons of the company expands itself into the segments (services) of 2D/3D animations, architectural walkthrough, web designing and development, photography and cinematography ,corporate film making, creative designing and printing. We are expertise in creating highly distinctive work in various facets of animation and visual effects(VFX); Which helps our clients to inspire, engage and truly connect with their target audiences through creative use of animation and visual content.
We have experimented and successfully worked on challenging projects resulting in products that are visually captivating. We also provide tutorial or information regarding animation via our animation blogs to the artist who wants to explore new options or create some extraordinary output but they don’t know how to do. They can simply follow us on social media (Youtube,Facebook,Twitter,etc.)  and also can read our animation blogs which are not not only for them but also to all viewers who are interested in learning something new.


The name of our company itself signifies what we offer,”Ideas as bright as Sun and infinite as Sky”.
At SUN AND SKY our product is more than a project, it is commitment to your success. As for us, each of our customer is unique, so a uniquely tailored approach is given to each project. We at SUN AND SKY STUDIO reinvent your business using design thinking, so that you are ready for a digital age and always a step ahead of your competitors . What we love doing and are really good at doing is taking the essentials of the customers business/product/service and leveraging it to create an exclusive commercial video. Commercial video is usually a minute or less; you have fewer than a minute to grab your viewers attention; We at SUN AND SKY STUDIO – The leading animation company in Mumbai, ensures that it is a video which will speak with audiences core emotion.
Great product can tell great stories about themselves, we just need to script them in the right way. So if you have a business to promote, a service to explain, a product to launch, a brand to build or a vision to share, allow us to tell your story in the most captivating way.

Our Team

SUN AND SKY ANIMATION STUDIO Mumbai holds a team which is comprised of extremely artistic and experimental talents. A pack of passionate 3D character animators, motion graphic designers, visual effect artists, 3D designers are incharge of executing and delivering a desirable output services to the clients. It is only with the help of their innovative and liberalised ideas, that we have always been successful in timely delivery of what is needed by our clients.




She has an experience of 8+ years in Product Marketing, Advertising, Event Organizing, Client handling and Customer relationship management. An entrepreneur by choice, She has handled more than 20 independent projects successfully. Her out of the box thinking, excellent communication skills and innovative marketing strategies has always helped the client in difficult situations. She is the main point of contact for company clients. Her Job role includes sourcing potential clients, understanding the client requirements and providing the best options and solutions to them.  She is also responsible for maintaining regular follow ups and updates with the client.

Contact Info.

Phone No.  –  +91 98 92 578510

Email Id      –  info@sunandsky.in

Facebook    –  facebook.com/sunandskystudio