We create label designs for businesses that appreciate all the details.

Labels and banderoles

We give our best to make your brand stand out.

A label is a piece of paper which presents and describes the products in more details. Graphic label design is what sells the product, and that is why label design must attract potential customers and to appeal to them.

Also, label design must stand out from other manufacturers of the same product. Besides the name, a label contains information about the manufacturer, origin, manufacture and expiry date, ingredients, precautionary measures, gross and net weight, barcode, nutritional values table, etc.

Sun And Sky team offers its extensive experience in banderole and label design to represent your product in the best light.


  • wine labels,
  • honey labels,
  • bottles labels,
  • products labels,
  • packaging labels,
  • other purposes labels.

Banderoles offer additional room for the most important information which the label cannot offer, and what makes a product different from another one (e.g. a specific manufacture mode, special ingredients, limited edition, etc.).

We design labels for all kinds of products with special care. We are proud that our designer team puts all their knowledge and skills into creating original, memorable and unusual labels which truly make the products stand out from the crowd. You can find different kinds of label and banderole design examples in our portfolio which we designed for different products. We are looking forward to showing your our design skills!

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