Ginger Blue Preschool | SUN AND SKY STUDIO
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  • Art and Craft
  • Numeracy Literacy
  • Pretend play
  • Science lab
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  • Ginger blue 2
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Ginger Blue International Preschool

Website design, branding and advertising video

2D/3D Animation, Creative designing and printing, Social media and SEO, Website designing and development
About This Project

Ginger blue is one of most exotic preschool of Kharghar. In this video we show our skills in specialized character animation. The video clearly showcase our efforts put in, to create a website that will tell a beautiful story about the preschool. It was a pleasure to put different creative ideas into one video and satisfy our client with an outstanding output. Website of ginger blue created by Mr. Vivek Shinde while he was the co-founder of dream engine studio.