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Client: Sunny Travel Agency
Project: Instagram Influencer Campaign

To promote Sunny Travel Agency’s exotic destinations, we organized an Instagram influencer campaign with travel influencers. Our strategy led to a 70% increase in Instagram followers, and the campaign reached over 1 million potential travelers. This led to a 40% increase in vacation bookings

Client: HealthFit Gym
Project: Community Engagement Strategy

HealthFit Gym needed a strategy to boost member engagement and retention. We initiated a community engagement plan, including member spotlights, fitness challenges, and regular health tips. The gym saw a 55% increase in member retention and a 40% growth in social media referrals

Client: Green Earth Non-Profit
Project: Fundraising and Awareness Campaign

Green Earth Non-Profit aimed to raise funds and increase awareness for its environmental initiatives. We developed a social media campaign that generated a 150% increase in online donations and reached over 1 million individuals. The campaign’s success led to increased support and partnerships


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“Medboost is more than an agency; they are an extension of our team. Their dedication to understanding our brand and industry sets them apart. The results have exceeded our expectations.”

David Martinez

CEO of InnovateTech

“Medboost transformed our online presence. Their social media strategies and content creation are top-notch. We’ve seen a significant increase in engagement and sales since partnering with them.”

Emily Turner

Marketing Director

“As a small business owner, I needed help navigating the social media landscape. Medboost’s personalized approach and results-driven strategies have been a game-changer for my brand’s visibility and growth.”

Jason Adams

Small Business Owner

“I’ve worked with several social media agencies, but Medboost stands out. Their creative content and consistent growth strategies have significantly increased our reach and engagement.”

Sarah Walker

Marketing Manager

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